Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Park Playgroup

Lillian & Emily

Lily & Lillian

Lily, Lillian & Emily

Lillian & Lily

Lillian, Rory, Lily & Emily

Emily, Lily & Lillian

the bathroom hand dryer was quite a hit

Emily & Lillian

carrying a log for some reason

Rory, Emily, Lillian & Lily on the trail

Rory trying to keep up with the big girls

Nicholas and Rory falling behind the girls

Thursday, August 12, 2010

She writes dog

Lillian loves these Puzzle Buzz maagazines. They are a mixture of hide-n-seek picture games, hidden picture games, mazes and word puzzles. We always do the word code puzzle together. But today she did the entire thing by herself, in her room during quiet time. She even was able to figure out the one letter that was missing from a rip in the page. And she got the answers correct!!! Way to go PPie!

Here are the jokes:
What is a dog's favorite pizza topping?

What dog loves to take baths?
a shampoodle

What do you call a sick dog?
a germy shepherd

What dog can tell time?
a watch dog

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lazy afternoon coloring

Bittersweet Playgroup

Summer has always been a tough time to keep our playgroup going - vacations, out of town guests and unpredictable weather. Preschool is getting ready to start up and the kids will be on different school schedules. This group, minus a few people, has been together since Lillian was 6 weeks old. Now four and-a-half years later, there are younger siblings and the group has dwindled to four families. It has been as much as getting the kids together as the moms together to share laughs, frustrations, tears and memories with each other. These are Lillian's first friends and I so hope she keeps them during her life's journey. 

Today three of us got together at a new playground that was built on top of an old landfill. It was a nice playground with picnic tables, water fountain and bathrooms. The kids seemed to have a good time even with the 100 degree heat.

Lillian & Lily

Lillian, Lily & Emily in the princess castle

Emily, Rory, Lillian, Nicholas & Lily the bathrooms had a keypad on the outside which provided plenty of entertainment

Lily, Emily & Lillian striking poses

peach eating time